A Public Service Announcement (Brought to you by a billionaire hedge fund manager)

Ray Dalio is the founder and head of one of the most successful hedge funds in the world. I first heard of him when i read his “Principles” document, which explains his belief system and how he incorporates these beliefs into the management of his his company. I was quite taken by this document and as a director of a small investment management firm I attempted to replicate several of the “principles” in our company.


Dalio doesn’t appear in the press too often, but when i have heard him talk, his view his views on investments has been insightful. He has spoken before of the economy as a “machine” and he has now distilled his understanding into simple 30 minute YouTube video. Much of the content will be familiar to those in the markets, but the clarity with which the economic cycle is explained makes it worth watching regardless of one’s level of financial understanding.


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